I-Consent,consortium meeting

The first I-Consent consortium meeting took place in Rome from december 4 to 5. All the stakeholders and contributors involved in the project attended the event hosted by  Lumsa University and OPBG.

This meeting aimed to present the progress made in every work package by discussing issues and highlighting the next deliverables to be ready in due course. The leaders of the tasks presented the status of the works concerning their focus areas. Thereafter, the whole consortium continues on by planning the work to be performed in the next six months.

So far so good !

As a united front, all members of FISABIO, the coordinator of the project, notified that thus far the project is a success. In fact, the work done is the result of not only an association of several stakeholders but the result of a proper collaboration between them.

Beyond the presentations of the tasks, Tristan Fuller, policy officer of EC DG Research and Innovation and Professor Van DELDEN member of the ethical advisory board, also presented their fields of activity. They explained their role in I-Consent project. While the first one will conduct checkings on some specific ethic points, the second will advise the project on an internationally ethical scale.

On the second day, during the steering committee, decisions were made about the transparency in the use of all data and also about the management of the project as a whole. The members renewed their will to work together on a better dissemination.

When in Rome, … do as the Romans do

Dinner in Rome with an eclectic team was one of the highlight of the meeting. We had the chance to learn about Roman cuisine through three main dishes. One thing we all can agree on, is that it’s pretty difficult to say no to an italian waiter. The desert wasn’t optional ! And the sorbeto was unforgettable.

We are all, looking forward to the next consortium meeting that will take place in London and will be hosted by the Meningitis Research Foundation and Synectika.

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