The workshop will take place online on the 26th of March

The main goal is stimulating dialogue around the challenges presented for consent-related practices in the context of clinical research. The workshop will explore these challenges under the lens of technological advancements.

The encounter takes a step further also in view of the most recent policy developments at EU-level focusing on the digitalisation of health care and scientific research, and the future of clinical trials. As underlined in an opinion published by the EDPS:

«The notion of consent requires further discussion between the research community and data protection experts as part of a wide reflection on the role of consent and respect for individuals in the area of scientific research in the digital age«.

The workshop coordinated by i-CONSENT partner AND Consulting Group was designed as a multi-stakeholder face-to-face workshop in Brussels. Given the current circumstances derived from the COVID-19, in has been reshaped into an live webinar.

Following the workshop, the i-CONSENT team will produce a report to inform policy makers on the conclusions extracted.