European Research Night

The European Researchers’ Night, is around the corner (28th September 2018) and i-CONSENT research project doesn’t want to miss the date. Our consortium member LUMSA University, participating for third consecutive year, will open its offices in Rome and Palermo to present and amazing full-day agenda dedicated to Science.

The “Journey into research” event kicks-off at 8.30 with an extraordinary activity list that combines knowledge acquiring and first-hand interaction with researchers’ work. The participants, guided by an expert researcher, will be invited to change perspective, to ask questions and to build answers and reflect on the oppositions.

The i-CONSENT project will open the sessions at 9:00. Prof. Laura Palazzani, professor of Philosophy of Law, Biolaw and Bioethics at LUMSA University of Roma and coordinator of the project for the Italian university, along with her collaborators will explain what informed consent in the field of medical care is and will simulate situations and difficulties related to it.

The European Research Night is an a Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) action, under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, that brings together researchers and their work closer to citizens of all ages and students. It happens simultaneously in more than 300 European cities and taking place recurrently on the last Friday night of September. For more information check the European Commission webpage.