i-CONSENT participated the past October 25-26th in the 25th National Congress of the Spanish Association of Bioethics and Medical Ethics (AEBI ) held in Valencia. Topics such as human dignity, the ethics of the end of life, the ethics in assisted reproduction were presented by experts on the field of medicine, philosophy, biolaw and bioethics.

i-CONSENT, through its Spanish partner GSK, presented an oral communication titled “Therapeutic misconception in clinical trials” under the topic “Clinical bioethics”. A topic strongly aligned with the project’s scope.

Therapeutic misconception exists if individuals do not understand that the defining purpose of clinical research is to produce generalizable knowledge, regardless of whether the subjects enrolled in the trial may potentially benefit from the intervention under study or from other aspects of the clinical trial. Unfortunately, most of the participants in clinical trials present therapeutic misconception causing a huge impact on the informed consent process, and thus, it is crucial to find tools that allow to identify its presence, so that investigators can provide additional information to those participants.