AND Consulting Group (AND) is an SME, incorporated in 2018 in Belgium and located in Brussels. AND aims to promote responsible business and innovation practice, and to help its clients create and exploit opportunities for increasing social value.

AND provides a number of services in the fields of ethics, privacy and data protection, societal impact, technology and business development, innovation, and communication strategy. These include:

  • Privacy management services
  • GDPR consultancy
  • Development of ethics guidelines, policies, procedures, and codes of conduct
  • Ethics management, including expertise and advice on research ethics for technology developers and researchers
  • Convening and coordinating independent ethical advisory boards
  • Ethical impact assessments

The company leverages the experience and expertise of its founders, whose academic and professional backgrounds cover ethics and philosophy, fundamental rights, and psychology. AND’s founders bring a combined experience of over ten years in research at the European level, and in FP7 and Horizon 2020 in particular. The founders have strong track records of providing high-quality research, guidelines, academic publications and presentations, and ethics management in the fields of privacy, data protection and data ethics; identity management; biometrics; internet-based intelligence; security and surveillance; communication in infectious disease outbreaks; ICT and crisis response; disaster management; research ethics; research integrity; and informed consent.

More info: www.and-cg.com

Role in the project

AND is leader of WP1: A multi-layered approach to informed consent, investigating methods and techniques for improving informed consent, and examining key determinants that influence beliefs and attitudes toward the informed consent process.

In addition, AND contributes with an analysis of ethical, privacy and data protection issues associated with the use of ICT for obtaining informed consent.

Dr. Dimitris Dimitrou

Dimitris Dimitriou is Senior Consultant and Director at AND Consulting Group

Dimitris Dimitriou (MSc) is a Director at AND Consulting Group. He specialises in ethics risk management and the development of guidelines, policies and procedures, with extensive experience in ethics and societal acceptability research. Dimitris has served as scientific project manager and ethics supervisor in a number of international projects funded under the EC 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020. At present, Dimitris’ main research interests include the ethics of informed consent in clinical research and AI ethics in healthcare systems. Dimitris has a background in health and environmental psychology.

Email: dimitriou@and-cg.com



Andrew Rebera is Director at AND Consulting Group

From 2014-2018 Andrew has been a Director and Senior Consultant at Synectika Research and Consulting (UK), specialising in ethical impact assessment, privacy management, and the development of ethics management policies and procedures. He previously served as a Consultant Ethics Manager for the Danish Red Cross Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support, as a Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), and as a Lead Researcher and Project Team Coordinator for the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship in Rome.

Andrew has DPhil and MA degrees in Philosophy from the University of Sussex (UK), as well as a Joint Honours BA in Philosophy and Politics and is a “Certified Information Privacy Manager” (CIPM), accredited by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He is highly experienced in collaborative research and specialises in ethics management.

Email: rebera@and-cg.com

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