After the first meeting with our youngest experts, i-CONSENT took a step forward and helped children design an informed consent “prototype” by themselves.

Last week a total of 6 children aged 12 and 13 participated in the second edition of the i-CONSENT Design Thinkings (by UCV). Acting as true investigators, they helped the i-CONSENT team clear some questions related to the informed consent processes.

The objective was to have the children design an informed consent “prototype” and that’s what they did. They worked on different formats to present the information including text, comic and video. Unanimously, the video was the preferred format to receive the information. After the decision was taken, the characteristics an effective video should include were outlined

Then, they turned into potential participants of a clinical trial and went through an informed consent document to point out which parts were more difficult to understand. After explaining the concepts they found tricky, they helped the team define them with their own words and pictures.

Children had also the chance to “design” a clinical trial website. Where and how would you place the information? They talked about links, chats, podcast, videos and more.

Finally, the group filled in a questionnaire on the quality of informed consent, to assess their degree of understanding.

Next step will be to incorporate the information extracted from this session onto the materials elaborated by the i-CONSENT team. Stay tuned, something big will be out soon!