Migliorare le linee guida del consenso informato

i-CONSENT, finanziato dal programma Horizon 2020 dell’Unione Europea, ha lo scopo di migliorare il modo in cui i pazienti ricevono le informazioni dagli studi clinici. All’interno del progetto, verranno create una serie di linee guida per migliorare il processo del consenso informato, includendo le popolazioni vulnerabili, da una prospettiva di gender e basandosi sulle tecnologie ICT.

Project guidelines now available!

The i-CONSENT Project publishes its final product: "Guidelines for tailoring the informed consent process in clinical studies" Fragment of the guidelines. The i-CONSENT Guidelines are now ready and available for academia, clinical investigators, pharmaceutical...

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i-CONSENT in Numbers

Dal 2017 al 2020


milioni di finanziamenti europei


Durata 3 anni


 i-CONSENT falls under the ‘Science with and for Society’ (SWAFS) programme, which means that on of our main goals is unlocking science for use by the wider public. i-CONSENT is committed to improving citizens’ health literacy not only as a solution to make science more attractive to them but also as a way of empowering them. This section will offer visitors and stakeholders information on the project, in particular, and  knowledge on clinical trials, research and ethics, in general.