From today until Friday, Consortium members coming from UK, Italy and Spain will meet up again to discuss the draft version of the project’s guidelines to improve informed consent.

The meeting will take place in Valencia, at Fisabio‘s headquarters, and will focus on finalising the texts that will become the i-CONSENT Guidelines.

Participants will be working on the recommendations, objectives and structure and the informed consent process and its steps. There wil also be a discussion on minors and how do the guidelines address their participation. Finally there will be a session on the validation.

«The first step was drafting the guidelines, now is time for the i-CONSENT consortium to meet-up and give them the final touch-up. The main objective is to facilitate the citizens’ participation in medical research and improve its quality», Jaime Fons-Martínez, technical coordinator

The next i-CONSENT meeting will hosted by UNESCOBIOCHAIR and held in Rome.