Which of our news articles have catch the eyes of physicians, industry, and medical students more this year 2019? Find a compilation of our most popular posts!

1. i-CONSENT celebrates Women and Girl in Science Internacional Day

The winner is this post celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Reflecting the project’s commitment to reduce gender inequality, i-CONSENT celebrated the strong women who make this project possible. Well aware of this social scourge, we bring to light some considerations to improve this situation. Read more here.

2. Health fake news and how to fight them by i-CONSENT

The second most popular article was this one about fake news. Fake news have currently become one of society’s major concerns. i-CONSENT presents 10 key clues to identify fake news as part of its health literacy objective. Check our infographic here.

3. Interview with Jaime Fons-Martínez, i-CONSENT Technical Coordinador

Thirdly, we have an interview with the projects technical coordinator. He explains the current project developments and the methodology used to meet its objectives. For instance, Design Thinkings, nominal groups, workshops are some of the technics used to get the stakeholder’s input. Read the interview here.

4. i-CONSENT’s second design thinking session with children

Another popular post was this one about our design thinking sessions with children. After the first meeting with our youngest experts, i-CONSENT helped children design an informed consent “prototype” by themselves. Read the post to know more about what do children know about clinical trials.

5. i-CONSENT with Health Literacy Month 2019

To finish, an article on eith the ocasion of Health Literacy Month. Once again, i-CONSENT joined Health Literacy Month which is celebrated in october every year. For this purpose we explored 6 reasons why someone should participate in a clinical trial. Check them our here.