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We have been communicating about the i-CONSENT project and its breakthroughs. Find them here, either in English or in their original language:

Workshop: A step closer to improving Informed Consent

i-CONSENT presents the draft guidelines to main stakeholders in Brussels i-CONSENT has reached the...

i-CONSENT presents first results in Rome

“Ethical and Legal Issues concerning Informed Consent”, seminar in Rome LUMSA team presented...

New EU project aims to improve guidelines for Informed Consent

The informed consent (IC) process allows the subject to voluntarily decide whether or not his/her...


Our experts write articles. You can find them here, in their original language.

Revista de Medicina y Ética - The Anáhuac Journal

ENGLISH. Ethical issues concerning IC in Translational/Clinical Research and Vaccination Bias and IC

Revista de Medicina y Ética - The Anáhuac Journal

SPANISH. Aspectos éticos del CI en la Investigación Traslacional/Clínica y sobre el Sesgo o Prejuicio en los Ensayos Clínicos

Studia Bioethica

Il Consenso Informato. Informed Consent in Clinical Research: Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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