6 reasons to participate in clinical trials

October is #HealthLiteracyMonth and #iCONSENT is joining the celebration! For this purpose we explored 6 reasons why someone should participate in a #clinicaltrial.

Before a treatment is commercialized it must undergo a rigorous process. Despite being a long process, it is necessary to find new knowledge and treatments.

Another reason to participate is because they need you! Both healthy volunteers and participants with an illness or disease play an important role.

Number 3 revolves around the idea that any investigation, despite its outcome, is relevant and necessary.

Still not convinced yet? Here’s another argument to participate in clinical trials! Autonomy means the freedom to decide what to do, even when you’ve accepted to participate you can always withdraw without conditions.

Every individual has a responsibility to act in a way that is beneficial to society and not solely to the individual. This is so important that we made it our reason number 5!

Not only as part of the studies, as they represent half of the population and can have different characteristics towards treatments, but also as part of the research team as they will be given voice and will address issues that concern them specifically and have traditionally set aside.